The public, community organisations and commercial businesses can support the very worthwhile EERN activities in four main areas


Your pre-loved furniture and whitegoods, clean not-worn bedding and linen, and other household essentials (including non-perishable food) will be greatly appreciated.

In some cases, the collected furniture may not suit EERN clients. This furniture is then offered for sale and the funds raised are used for operations or the item could be given to other charities servicing the same target group of clients as.

No goods should be delivered without approval from the Warehouse Coordinator (add warehouse email link).

NO goods or furniture should be dropped off outside the warehouses.


A minimum of half a day a week commitment is needed but there is some flexibility to work around holiday, work or other family commitments.

Donating your time, talent or expertise as a volunteer for EERN can be very rewarding. There is a range of activities that volunteers can participate in to suit their skills and interests.


Click the DONATE button on the front page to make a credit card donation.

Contact the Treasurer (link) for bank details if you prefer a Direct Debit transfer or to request more details of what donations could be used for.

Although we receive generous donations of goods, we still need to purchase items to meet the needs of our Member agencies and their clients. Funds are also needed for maintenance and upgrading of equipment as well as our warehouses.


Making a bequest to EERN in your will, guarantees that your values and ideals in assisting the needy of our community will live on.