EERN member agencies range from small volunteer local Church or community-based groups through to large charitable or government funded welfare and disability support organisations.

Examples of Members working with EERN to assist their clients

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Membership of EERN is at the discretion of the Management Committee. Membership is open to any registered community-based agency that provides community-based individual and/or family support in the EERN service area.

EERN’s current resources limit the number of members that can be effectively handled whilst still providing a reasonable service to current members and their clients.

Since 2001 new memberships have been restricted to those organisations who have offices in, and service the areas from which donated goods primarily come: namely the local government areas of Whitehorse, Knox, Manningham, Maroondah, Monash and Boroondara.

Annual membership fees for the 2020/2021 financial year are:

$250 inclusive of GST for member agencies accessing the warehouse greater than 25 times in the previous financial year

$120 inclusive of GST for member agencies accessing the warehouse less than 25 times in the previous financial year

This amount may increase depending on the number of times a member agency uses the resource in any given previous financial year.

For new member agencies, the amount charged is $120.00 (or a pro rata amount) as there will be no historical data to draw on.

Invoices are issued on 1st June each year. To maintain warehouse access, Member agencies must have paid by 1st August in that year.

For further information regarding membership, contact warehouse@easternemergency.org.au and refer to the Application for Agency Membership Procedures