You can contribute to the good work of Eastern Emergency Relief Network Inc. (EERN ) and help support the more vulnerable members of our community by making a bequest to EERN in your Will. Bequests play a special part in the funding of organisations such as EERN. Bequests provide additional funds that enable EERN to better carry out its core objective of supporting the more vulnerable members of our community.

In particular, a significant bequest can be directed to major investments to improve EERN’s services through upgrading the equipment or buildings used by EERN.  For these major bequests, EERN would be pleased to recognise the bequest formally in an appropriate way.

A bequest to the Eastern Emergency Relief Network Inc. guarantees that your values, ideals and generosity in supporting the more vulnerable members of our community will continue to live on, long after you are unable to express them personally.

How to include a bequest in your Will?
If you are planning to consider Eastern Emergency Relief Network Inc in your Will, it is important that you use our full, legally incorporated name (Eastern Emergency Relief Network Inc.).

The following wording could be used to express your intentions:

“I give to Eastern Emergency Relief Network Inc. (EERN) of Factory 1 / 10 – 12 Thornton Crescent, Mitcham Vic. 3132 –

  • the sum of $….. #
  • the balance of my estate #
  • …..% of my estate #

for its general purposes free of all duties & taxes payable upon or in consequence of my death, and I declare that a receipt of the President, Secretary or Treasurer of EERN or other authorized officer will be sufficient discharge to my executors who will not be bound to see the application of this gift.”

# Delete whichever is inappropriate. Your solicitor can explain the differences between each of these options.

If you already have a Will, check to see that it reflects your current wishes.

EERN recommends that you consult your solicitor to assist you with the drafting of your Will so it reflects your wishes.  You should also consult with your accountant as a donation rather than a bequest may be a more tax-effective way to support EERN.